Type sample for Hitchcock, a display font

Hitchcock—my first font


Given my love of language and typography, I suppose it was only a matter of time (and technology) before I’d create a font of my own. And here it is: Hitchcock, presented, naturally enough, through a few famous quotes from the man himself, Alfred Hitchcock.

Originally inspired by the silhouette the master of American cinema used in his films, the font eventually moved away from that concept (though I still glimpse the ghost of it in our A), developing a more geometrically rounded and less elegant, but bolder look. It’s designed to be a display font, and the close kerning makes it difficult to read at smaller sizes (though that can, of course, be adjusted by hand).

As of yet, I’ve only developed the capital letters, but I plan to move on to the lower case and, eventually, variants like italic and bold. Still, as a display face, I can see giving it some use even with no more than a set of capitals to use. If you happen to find yourself inclined to make use of it, comment to that effect and I’d be happy to send it your way.