A few lovely things people have said about me.

“John is an innate wordsmith and possesses an unparalleled understanding of the effectiveness of language to create meaning and value. Thoughtful and imaginative, he’s also extremely skilled in the art of balancing high quality with short deadlines. John’s independent and confident nature make him well-suited to take the lead on a wide array of projects, but he’s also a skilled collaborator and artful in both giving and receiving useful feedback. An articulate and adept communicator, John would be an enormous asset to any team looking for enthusiasm, creativity, and professionalism all at once.”

Heidi Wallis, Copywriter, Esurance

“John’s knowledge of the English language is impressive and admirable—I’ve learned a lot from John. He never failed to create compelling copy that met the demanding specifications of our partners and is always willing to listen and lend a helping hand. He was an instrumental member of our QA team and he’s sure to be an asset to any company.”

Vicky Chen, Web Designer

“John is organized, efficient, extremely competent, detail-oriented and hungry for new skills. His communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. He is always willing to explain in detail any instructions and is not afraid to do the “dirty work” himself.”

Todd Rabbach, Web Designer

“John works hard to ensure consistency and accuracy for in-house guidelines and workflow protocol. Issues that my coworkers and I brought to John, whether style-based or procedure-based, were always resolved efficiently and professionally. I am confident John would be a valuable addition to any editorial staff.”

Josh McBee, Copywriter